** Dissertation chair (35), * Dissertation co-chair (7), + Dissertation committee member (66)


** Deepali Advani (CUNY-GC)


** Dragos Ailoae (CUNY-GC)

“Effects of State Recreational Marijuana Laws”

+ Aman Desai (CUNY-GC)


** Kyungtae Lee (CUNY-GC)

“Essay on Clean Cooking Energy in Developing Countries”

+ Helia Rabie (CUNY-GC)


+ Lulu Wang  (CUNY-GC)

Essays in Machine Learning, Econometrics, and Computational Economics


** Lucas Dowiak (CUNY-GC)

“Three Essays Applying Dynamic Models in Economics, Finance and Machine Learning ” 

+ Goncalo Costa Pessa

“Essays on Monopoly Power in Housing Rental Markets”

+ Justine Guillochon

“Heterogeneous Household Expectations, Consumption Choices, and Trust.”

+ Minwoo Song

“Essays on Cryptocurrency Assets”


** John Orellana (CUNY-GC)

“Essays on Real Estate, Flood Risk, and Political Sentiment” 


+ Somayeh Ahmadi (CUNY-GC)

“Essays on Empirical Asset Pricing Models”

* Kumarappan Annamalai

“Macroeconomic Adjustments of Global Convergence: Real Exchange Rate Response of Asia-Pacific Growth

+ Mani Bayani (CUNY-GC)

“Essays on Machine Learning Methods in Economics”

** Ernesto Garcia (CUNY-GC)

“Liquidity Commonality with Factor Models” 

+ Gabriel Movsesyan (CUNY-GC)

“Essays on Labor Economics”

* Ercio Munoz Saavedra (CUNY-GC)

“Essays on Intergenerational Mobility in Education” 

** Yoshiko Oka (CUNY-GC)

“Essays on Entrepreneurship” 


+ Aparna Anand (CUNY-GC)

“Educational Investments in Low-Income Households: The Role of Parental Occupational Identity and Substitutability”

* Laxman Timilsina (CUNY-GC)

“Three Essays in Applied Microeconometrics”

** Ye Yang (CUNY-GC)

“Three Essays on Spatial Econometrics: The Matrix Exponential Spatial Specification”

* Nishant Yonzan (CUNY-GC)

“State Capacity and Armed Civil Conflict: Evidence from the Decade-Long Civil War in Nepal”

+ Humenghe (Ida) Zhao (CUNY-GC)

“Essays on Economic Uncertainty and Housing Market in China”


+ Xiao Cheng (CUNY-GC)

“Global De-Diversification and Cross-Section of Stock Returns”

+ Ilhani Gunduz (CUNY-GC)

“Monetary and Fiscal Policies and the Stock Market”

** Olga Guska (CUNY-GC)

“Essays on the Application of the Machine Learning Methods in Finance and Policy Evaluation”

+ Miguel Acosta Henao (CUNY-GC)

“Essays in Macroeconomics of Emerging Markets”

+ Marius Mihai (CUNY-GC)

“Essays in Financial Economics and Applied Econometrics”

** Uchenna Oparah (CUNY-GC)

“Economics of Higher Education Productivity”

+ Gunnar Poppe Yanez (CUNY-GC)

“Essays in Quantitative Models of Retirement and Health”



* Biwei Chen (CUNY-GC)

“Shapes and Transitions of the Interest Rate Term Structure.”

+ Pablo Crespo (CUNY-GC)

“Essays on applied machine learning for implied volatility interpolation and artificial counterfactuals”

** Beila Leboeuf (CUNY-GC)

“Essays on Paid Family Leave in the United States”



** Orkideh Gharegozli (CUNY-GC)

“Synthetic Control and Dynamic Panel Estimation, A Case Study of Iran”

+ Tzuhao Huang (CUNY-GC)

“Essays in New Keynesian Monetary Policy”

+ Niloofar Sahebalzahami (CUNY-GC)

“Time Series and Cross Section Variation of Bold Risk Premia”

+ Evan Warshaw (CUNY-GC)

“Essays On the Behavior of Equity Prices and Exchange Rates”

+ Alev Yildirim (CUNY-GC)

“Essays on Banking and Corporate Finance”


** Anna Arakelyan (CUNY-GC)

“Who Influences Your Outcomes? The Effect of Culture and Ethnic Origin, Neighborhood, and Peers on Personal Income: A Spatial Econometric Analysis of New York City”

** Aboozar Hadavand (CUNY-GC)

“Essays on Income Inequality”

+ Efstathia Korkou (CUNY-GC)

“Gender and Financial Risk Aversion”

+ Flora Leventi (CUNY-GC)

“Three essays in the European sovereign debt crisis with a special focus on Greece”

+ Jun Lou (CUNY-GC)

“Habit Utility, Surplus Consumption and Moody Investors”

** Gowun Park (CUNY-GC)

“Three Essays on Inequality in the United States”

+ Lindsey Piegza (CUNY-GC)

Housing Market Liquidity and the Effect on U.S. Unemployment: An Application of the Oswald Principle to the U.S. Housing Market and Extension Isolating Regional Housing Market Clearing Ability and the Associated Effect on Unemployment”

+ Samuel Moon Young Jung (CUNY-GC)

“Essays on Financial Development and Income Inequality”

+ Junnan Zhao (CUNY-GC)

“Essays on the Impact of Exchange Rate Movements on Stock Return and Country Output” 


+ Onur Altindag (CUNY-GC)

“Three Essays on the Effects of Childbearing on Economic Well-being and Health”

** Thomas Hauner (CUNY-GC)

“Essays on Inequality and Macroeconomic Stability”

+ Aigbokhai Inuigbe (CUNY-GC)

“Empirical Essays in Health Economics”

** Sheyi Oladipo (CUNY-GC)

“Globalization, Income Inequality and the Labor Market: A Case Study of South Africa”

+ Alice Zulkarnain (CUNY-GC)

“Essays on the Well-being of an Aging Population"



** Osman Dogan (CUNY-GC)

“Three Essays on Spatial Econometrics: Estimation Methods and Applications”

+ Joanne Guo (CUNY-GC)

“Essays on the Impacts of Quantitative Easing on Financial Markets”

+ Hyoung-Suk Shim (CUNY-GC)

“Economic Analysis of Transportation Systems”

+ Igor Sorkin (CUNY-GC)

“Essays on Law of One Price in Financial Markets and the Recent Financial Crisis”

+ Zhendong Zhao (CUNY-GC)

“Essays on the Economics of Aging”

** Benjamin Zweig (CUNY-GC)

“Essays on the economics and methodology of social mobility”



+ Luz Salas (CUNY-GC)

“Essays on Saving Behavior of Low-income Households in Colombia”

** Suleyman Taspinar (CUNY-GC)

“Essays on robust estimators for non-identically distributed observations in spatial econometrics and time series models"

+ Hsinrong Wei (CUNY-GC)

“Does Financial Openness Affect Economic Growth in Asian Economies? A Case Study in Selected Asian Economies, 1980-2010”



** Takuya Hasebe (CUNY-GC)

“Essays in Labor Economics and Econometrics: Applications of the Copula Method”

** Ilir Hysa (CUNY-GC)

“An analysis of the labor market, international migration and remittances during transition: the case of Albania”



** Yan Jiang (CUNY-GC)

“Essays on Labor Market Matching, Labor Mobility, and Educational Mismatch”

+ Zhen Ma (CUNY-GC)

“A Summary of Some Estimators of Dynamic Panel Data Models and Their Applications”



** Emiko Fukase (CUNY-GC)

“Essays on Globalization, Skills and Development”

* Lei Zhang (UT-Dallas)

“Three Essays on Macroeconomics and Applied Econometrics”



+ Jing Sun (CUNY-GC)

“Essays on Foreign Direct Investment and Development: Evidence from China and Indonesia”

* Yu Xue (UT-Dallas)

“Essays on Occupational Choice and Human Capital Accumulation at Mid-Life”



** Jielai Ma (UT-Dallas)

“Unobservable Clusters: Diagnostic Tests and Forecasts in the Dallas Housing Market”

+ Ti-Jen  Tsao (CUNY-GC)

“Robust Estimators for Finite Mixtures of Count Data Regression Models and their Applications”



+ Vera Holovchenko (UT-Dallas)

“Essays in Entry into Characteristic and Geographic Spaces”

+ Honsoo Kim (UT-Dallas)

“Job mobility and pension participation”

** Priyanka Singh (UT-Dallas)

“Earnings Risk and Occupational Choice”

** Chunbei Wang (UT-Dallas)

“Self-employment among Hispanic and immigrant populations”



+ Gian Aryani Abutalebi (UT-Dallas)

“Bounded Rationality and Police Vehicles: The Political Economy of Law Enforcement Procurement Decisions”

** Irene Ngugi (UT-Dallas)

“The Effects of School Finance Equalization on Schooling Outcomes: A Study of the Robin Hood Policy in Texas”

+ Justin van der Sluis (University of Amsterdam)

“Successful entrepreneurship and human capital”

+ Fengxia (Cathleen) Xiao (UT-Dallas)

“Linking Venture-Capital Investment to New-Firm Formation”



** Kruti Dholakia (UT-Dallas)

“Determinants of Birth Outcomes in Texas”

+ Farahnaaz Khakoo (UT-Dallas)

“Evaluating the impact of disaggregated foreign assistance on economic development in Sub Saharan Africa: a cross-country analysis”

+ Justin Mausel (UT-Dallas)

“Economic Growth and Convergence in the European Union: Evaluation Using a Multifaceted, Political Economic Approach”



+ Tae-Sun Kim (School of Management, UT-Dallas)

“A study of bias and systematic change in nonlinear estimation of Bass model parameters”



** Shungu Lokole (UT-Dallas)

“Human Capital Investments: Child Education and Economic and Cultural Incentives and Constraints in Côte d’Ivoire”

** Kalpana Pai (UT-Dallas)

“Academic Performance in Texas Schools: Micro-Econometric Models of Student Achievement”



+ Lei Li (School of Management, UT-Dallas)

“Multinationality and performance : efficiency, endogeneity, and dynamics”



** Mohammed Rab (UT-Dallas)

“Household Energy Demand in South Asia: An Approach towards Discrete/Continuous Models”



+ Yaw Hansen (UT-Dallas)

“Air Quality Valuation from Hedonic Models: Applications of Recent Estimation Techniques”

+ Linda Loubert (UT-Dallas)

“The Political Economy of Public School Finance”



+ Daniel O’Brien (UT-Dallas)

“Three essays on early academic achievement of minority and disadvantaged students”

** Hyo Park (UT-Dallas)

“Migration: the impact of earnings, life events, and labor market conditions”

+ Vinod Sutaria (UT-Dallas)

“The dynamics of new firm formation: the case of the Texas manufacturing sector, 1976-1991”



** Yong-Sheng Chen (UT-Dallas)

“The relative efficiency of township-village-enterprises in Mainland China”

* Janet Gamble (UT-Dallas)

“Ambient air pollution and daily mortality in North Texas, 1990-1994: a time series analysis”

+ David Kelleher (UT-Dallas)

"The international provision of global public goods: the case of ozone layer preservation"



+ Robert Coleman (UT-Dallas)

"Capital market inefficiency of firms financing research and development"



+ Aparna Mitra (UT-Dallas)

"The effects of firm and industry structures on black/white wage inequality in the U.S. economy - 1988"



+ Gang Chang (UT-Dallas)

"Savings, investment, and economic growth in developing countries: financial repression theory revisited"

+ Kyoun-Sup Chung (UT-Dallas)

"Hedonic models of housing prices: a critical appraisal of the assumptions"

+ Dejian Lai (Program of Mathematical Sciences, UT-Dallas)

"Contributions to non-linear time series analysis"



+ Andrew Ewoh (UT-Dallas)

"Industrial structure, campaign contributions and policy outcomes"

** Zhiying Qi (on leave) (UT-Dallas)

Proposal title: “The economic determinants of manufacturing locations in the Philippines and implications for industrial dispersal policy”



+ Hassan Ballout (UT-Dallas)

"Determinants of executive compensation."

+ Sung-Jong Kim (UT-Dallas)

"Productivity of cities: theory, measurement and policy implications: the Korean case"



+ James Guseh (UT-Dallas)

"Government size and economic growth: a political economy framework"

+ Barbara Kilbourne (UT-Dallas)

"Occupational skill, gender and earnings"



+ Cheon-Kwuan Kim (UT-Dallas)

"Economic diversity and stability of growth: U.S. metropolitan regions, 1978-1987"

+ Chinedu Lenard Inyama Anyanwu (UT-Dallas)

"The impact of arms production on industrial development: a statistical analysis of the LDCs"



+ Anwar Al-Ali Quraan (UT-Dallas)

"Macroeconomic effects of worker remittances: the case of Jordan"